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June Dershewitz, Head of Data Strategy at Amazon Music, is a consummate, analytics professional. Like many, she came to analytics out of a desire to understand the world around her though numbers and she has parlayed her computer science and math skills into a senior management position. What made the difference? Her innate comprehension of the human condition. This interview is a masterclass in managing large-scale analytics at one of the most data-focused companies in the world.
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Andy Crestodina has been using analytics to help B2B companies improve conversion for twenty (20!) years. His blog posts about blog posts are the stuff of legend. Andy freely shares what he knows about the struggle between content and conversion, using navigation as segmentation, and how to make analytics do the hard work in the B2B world. He also posits that branding gets in the way of good web design and that best practices are only good for making great hypotheses. Oh, and, he's hiring...
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Tim Wilson is a true analytics industry thought leader without whom we would still think pie charts were cool. His beginnings in architecture coincided with CAD systems, followed immediately by the rise of the World Wide Web. He escalated from Webmaster to Business Intelligence manager at National Instruments, then dove headfirst into analytics. After five years on both the client and consulting side, Tim spent four and a half years at Analytics Demystified, and the past three years, he's been in the thick of it at Search Discovery while cohosting the groundbreaking and thoroughly entertaining Digital Analytics Power Hour on the side.
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Adam Greco has worked on the client side, at a vendor, and as a consultant. He is the Dr. House of bringing damaged Adobe Analytics implementations back to health.

At the heart of his differential diagnoses is asking for the client's list of business requirements or business questions they used as your North Star to drive your implementation. The most common response? The blank stare.

"It's kind of like going on a road trip, but not have it putting anything into the GPS or not having a map like you don't know where you're going, you're just like, let's just drive and see if we ended up someplace good."

Learn about Adam's pet project Apollo where he's taken every business question he's ever answered in any Adobe Analytics implementation and put them into a database. For every business question, he's identified the correct way to solution design.

The secret to his inquisitiveness? "If we were to delete the ___ portion of the website, how would that negatively impact your business?"

Adam shares his views on data democratization, the idea of an Analytics Center of Excellence, and his ability to look at a website or a mobile app or a business, and creatively visualize what he thinks they might want to know.

Adam is a big believer in paying it forward as shown in his extensive blogging, the creation of the
Search Discovery Education Community, and his years of service to the Digital Analytics Association.
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Adam answers questions from YOU - our audience.
Gary Angel engages with a handful of participants about digital analytics and in-store customer measurement.
From washing floors and cleaning toilets to selling a successful analytics agency to EY and founding another cutting-edge agency, Gary Angel is truly an analytics thought leader. He shares his fruitless foray into selling digital analytics software and his unique perspective on applying what he knows about digital analytics (everything there is to know) to real-world, in-store, customer journey analytics. Learn from Gary's experience with machine learning, the Internet of Things, and how COVID-19 changes the face of predictive analytics. Gary also gets seriously excited about a book you should read... on philosophy.
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