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What is MALO?

Marketing Analytics Live Online (MALO) is the interview show
where Jim asks the people you want to hear from
the questions you want answered.

Marketing Analytics Live Online (MALO) features digital analytics thought leaders who have been there and done that. They have seen it all when it comes to the people, process, and technology of digital transformation and data literacy. They live and breathe analytics, love to share what they know, and love to answer your questions.

These interviews are in-depth conversations with industry visionary Jim Sterne who got that way by being curious to the point of being nosy. His softball questions are there to open up the discussion to the meatier topics.

Data Literacy
Data Maturity
Data Governance
Data Driven Leadership
Hypotheses Prioritization
Advertising on Take-Home Boxes
and that's just the very first show!

You'll hear from experts like Piyanka Jain, Lea Pica, Gary Angel, June Dershewitz, Adam Greco, Andy Crestodina, Neil Mason, Brian Massey, Brent Dykes, Tim Wilson, and many more.
Somebody new, every two weeks.

Each interview is prerecorded and then edited to keep them high on content and tight on time. Several days later, Jim and his guest go live for a conversation so you can participate. Pick the brains of the best and brightest. Can't make it on time? That's fine, the archive will allow you to continue the conversation with Jim and his speakers.

You can even email your question to Jim in advance and get the answer live, or in the archive.

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Lea Pica's interview will be released Monday, April 19 followed by the live discussion (join us!) on Friday, April 23

MALO 005: Lea Pica, Presenting Data Beyond Measure

Lea Pica

Professional keynote speaker, workshop facilitator teaching data visualization, presentation, and storytelling to digital marketers, web analytics practitioners, and solutions providers. Host of the industry-lauded Present Beyond Measure Show podcast.

Jim Sterne
Jim Sterne

Jim Sterne sold business computers to first-time owners in the 1980’s, consulted and keynoted about online marketing in the 1990’s, founded a conference and a professional association around digital analytics in the 2000’s and recently published his twelfth book, Artificial Intelligence for Marketing: Practical Applications. Sterne has remained active producing the Marketing Analytics Summit since 2002 and as Director Emeritus of the Digital Analytics Association.

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Lea Pica shares how she became the Queen of Delivering Insights. Manipulating the data and finding the hidden gem is all well and good, but if you can't present well, you're just another tree falling in the forest. Graphics not text? Yes. Storytelling? Definitely! An amazing list of resources you can check out? Of course. An AI tool to help you make better PowerPoint decks? Yep, we've got that too.
The day Lea's brain exploded
Wherein Lea puts her audience to sleep
Lea tells her story about storytelling
Lea reveals her AI assistant

Upcoming Speakers

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Lea Pica

Professional keynote speaker, workshop facilitator teaching data visualization, presentation, and storytelling to digital marketers, web analytics practitioners, and solutions providers. Host of the industry-lauded Present Beyond Measure Show podcast.

Neil Mason

Neil specializes in the use of leading edge customer and marketing analytics techniques to drive value and reduce marketing costs for clients. He has a comprehensive understanding of commercial environments and imperatives and is able to translate the full range of technical solutions into accessible business tools which help businesses understand their markets, customers and ROI.

Judah Phillips

Judah Phillips is an award-winning entrepreneur, management consultant, and business author. He co-founded the automation-focused predictive analytics and machine learning (PAML) SaaS-vendor Squark and the data science and analytics consultancy SmartCurrent. A Harvard Innovation Lab VIP, Judah has written three books on analytics, data science, and data strategy. An adjunct professor at Boston University and a lecturer at Babson College, he is also on the board of the NIST-funded “Data Science for All” project at San Jose State University and is a founding member of the University of Massachusetts Advisory Council for the Humanities and Fine Arts.

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Marketing Analytics Live Online FAQ

If you have an additional question, please email Jim Sterne

  • What does "Live Online" mean?

    We prerecord each interview, edit it for content, and then release the show at a specific time. The guest and Jim will be on hand live a few days later to answer questions via Zoom.

    We’re live! We’re online!

  • Who gets interviewed on MALO?

    You’ll hear from the leaders in the Digital Analytics industry and learn about their background, the work they’re doing now, their perspective on the industry, and their vision of the future.

    • Thought Leaders
    • Practitioners
    • Consultants / Agency Owners
    • Vendors
  • Are all the shows interviews?

    We’ve got all sorts of shows in mind:

    • Topic-Specific Expert Panels
    • Public Debates
    • Community Gatherings
    • Private Roundtables
    • And the occasional comedic interlude to prove we’re human – watch for the ~monthly Poetry Corner
  • Who tunes into MALO?

    Marketing Analytics Live Online puts thought leaders, practitioners, consultants, and vendors in the spotlight. This is where the backstory is brought to light with just enough details to spread enlightenment. 

    MALO attracts an audience interested in digital analytics as a practice, a process, and a profession . They tune in because Jim has been around long enough to ask the questions they would ask themselves. 

    The shows are then archived for a content-rich compendium of digital analytics wisdom.

  • Where did Marketing Analytics Live Online come from?

    Marketing Analytics Live Online was born of the Marketing Analytics Summit.

    The Marketing Analytics Summit started in 2002 when Jim Sterne invited a small group of marketers together to invent and nurture the nascent web analytics industry and explore how online marketing could be improved by understanding what customers were actually doing on their website.

    Fast-forward 19 years and Digital Analytics is a fully integrated component of the marketing ecosystem – an ecosystem that is continuing to evolve as long standing marketing tenants such as customer insight and marketing mix modeling coalesce with ongoing challenges in the marketing-automation boiler-room.

    Then came COVID-19 and we all went online. Marketing Analytics Live Online is the way to keep up to date on what thought leaders are thinking and how thinking people are leading.

  • Who is this Jim Sterne guy?

    From the arrival of personal computers in the 70’s, through the business computing transformation in the 80’s, the Internet revolution in the 90’s, the analytics developments in the 2000’s, and all the way through to the advent of Machine Learning, Jim Sterne has held a position of distinction as a Professional Explainer. His stock in trade is asking the right questions of the right people and translating the answers for those trying to use new technologies for business.

    Find out more about Jim at

  • When does MALO become subscription based?

    Any minute now! That’s why you should become a member at once!