MALO 004 Andy Crestodina, Computing Content Quality

Andy Crestodina
Andy Crestodina has been using analytics to help B2B companies improve conversion for twenty (20!) years. His blog posts about blog posts are the stuff of legend. Andy freely shares what he knows about the struggle between content and conversion, using navigation as segmentation, and how to make analytics do the hard work in the B2B world. He also posits that branding gets in the way of good web design and that best practices are only good for making great hypotheses. Oh, and, he's hiring...

Andy Crestodina, Orbit Media Studios

Computing Content Quality

Andy Crestodina from Orbit Media is a prodigious blogger… about content. He is in Google Analytics every day with access to around 500 GA accounts. Andy is all about traffic, specifically search, ranking performance, clickthrough rates from search keyword performance, and then conversion.

Andy suggests that analyst have access to extremely valuable – but historic – data. An analyst can add value by recognizing the limits of the of the insights and knowing that there are no reports that show what you might have done. There is the risk of over reliance on data

Andy is full of compelling adages:

-There is a point of diminishing returns on making reports beautiful. Does this have to be done in Data Studio?

– The available martech stack is hurting us because there are just too many tools.

– On a website or app, all navigation is segmentation.

– Back button usage is a clear indicator of navigation/content failure.

– You are designing an experience that helps visitors tell you who they are.

– Branding gets in the way of good web design. Clear is more important than clever.

– Best Practices make great hypotheses – only useful because you have no first party data.


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