MALO 003: Tim Wilson, The Quintessential Analyst

Tim Wilson
Tim Wilson is a true analytics industry thought leader without whom we would still think pie charts were cool. His beginnings in architecture coincided with CAD systems, followed immediately by the rise of the World Wide Web. He escalated from Webmaster to Business Intelligence manager at National Instruments, then dove headfirst into analytics. After five years on both the client and consulting side, Tim spent four and a half years at Analytics Demystified, and the past three years, he's been in the thick of it at Search Discovery while cohosting the groundbreaking and thoroughly entertaining Digital Analytics Power Hour on the side.

Tim Wilson on analytics, attribution, and the things that make steam come out of his ears. Join us for digital analytics change management, Analytics Center of Excellence, asking good questions and handling ad-hoc questions without physically harming others… with LOTS of links in the Show Notes.


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